3 Quick and Easy Interior Design Tips

3 Quick and Easy Interior Design Tips

Change your look for pocket change

Interior design can be as expensive as you want it to be. But, for those on a budget, simple and cost effective interior decorating fixes can completely transform the look and feel of your space. All it takes is a little imagination and some professional know-how.

#1 – Spruce up your lampshades

Many people underestimate the power their lampshades can have to draw the colors of a room together or accent patterns in linens. Do you have a powerful or colorful pattern on your bedspread but blah and uninspiring lampshades? Paint the shades to match the pattern and watch your room’s design really pop. Or, if your room has a “theme,” use predominant colors to create a design that will compliment your palette without clashing with any of your other bedspreads. Not an artist? No problem. Pick up a stencil at a craft store or simply shoot us an email!


#2 – Pile on the textiles?

Nothing adds character to a room like complimentary colors and textures. If your room lacks the mood you want to create, add some appropriate pillows or throws to capture that feeling. An important note here – do not go overboard. All of us have been in those homes where there were so many pillows or blankets on the furniture there was simply no place to sit. Work on purpose here. Don’t just throw pillows at the problem. Use pillows in pairs, employing contrasting colors, textures and fabrics to layer the look and feel of the room. This will create depth and add character. If you are using quilts or throws, match a single pair of pillows to accent a particular color without overwhelming the eye. Rotate these with other complimentary colors to keep your room looking fresh.


#3 – Replace that one piece

You know that one. That piece of furniture you found at a yard sale or got as a hand-me-down. The one you always swore would only be a “temporary fix” until you got something more suitable for your space. But it’s been years and you’ve grown accustomed to the eyesore. Maybe it’s nice looking but just too big for the space. Would it look better in a different room? Maybe it matches nothing else in your home. Kick it to the curb and find something that fits. You will be amazed at how switching out one piece of “not quite right” furniture can change the look and feel of your entire space.


And, if you just need a little help to get started, be sure to take advantage of our fun and friendly virtual design consultations. Click here to learn more.


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