3 Ways Home Staging Increases Sale Price

3 Ways Home Staging Increases Sale Price

Home staging tips you can take to the bank

Even during the recent market downturn, home sellers and listing agents who applied home staging techniques saw their properties sell faster and for more money than their market competition. This trend transcended all price points and market areas.

While the idea of home staging sounds appealing, sometimes the reality of it can feel a little uncomfortable. All sellers want to get the top possible price for their property, but most don’t want to feel like they’re living in a model home while it’s on the market.

The right professional home staging techniques can give sellers the value they are looking for without making them feel out of place in their own home.

#1 – Home staging helps you beat the competition

The housing market is starting to move faster, but ask any Realtor and they will tell you that competition is still fierce. When you list your home, it’s a safe bet there’s a similar house for sale at a similar price point not too far away.

Even if you have features you believe will put your place over the top, it’s never a good idea to assume what will be most important to a prospective buyer. Home staging encourages buyers to see what they want to see rather than what you think they will be attractive to them. A property that allows buyers to easily imagine themselves living in it traditionally results in a bigger, faster offer.


#2 – Home staging communicates a specific message

The line between “lived in” and “cluttered” can be VERY fine. Clutter might make some folks feel at home, but for a prospective buyer, a cluttered home creates a feeling of discord and agitation. It also says: “We still live here, and we’re not quite ready to move.”

Home staging tells prospective buyers “this home is ready to be YOUR home.” Buyers can focus on the features and benefits of the home and not on the family that currently lives there. Thinking about benefits will increase the value of the home in the minds of the buyers.


#3 – Home staging allows buyers to “see” their stuff in the house

Setting out family pictures or favorite heirloom décor items may make your house feel like a home. To a prospective buyer it makes that property feel like “your” home. Sure, intellectually, they home shopper realizes that people still live in the property they are viewing. But emotionally, it’s tougher to make that distinction.

When buyers see your family pictures and diplomas hanging on the walls and your kids crayon masterpieces on the fridge, they have a harder time picturing their own stuff in the house. This creates an obstacle buyers have to overcome before making an offer. This sort of obstacle often equates to a lower offer.


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