About Me

Welcome to Inspiring New Beginnings At Home! I’m Sheri LeDuc Your Personal Home Stager, Interior Stylist, and Thrifty Luxury Shopper helping you with all your inspired home surroundings and needs.

I am a professionally trained and licensed interior stylist with over a decade of experience helping my clients redecorate, renovate and re-energize the look and feel of their homes.

My prayer and goal will always be to provide you with the best possible service and the lowest possible prices while creating a home decor experience that inspires you and makes you feel your best.

Whether you are redesigning one room or an entire home, my promise to you is that the journey will be fabulous, fun and, best of all, affordable!

So…what’s up with Reba?

I suppose you are wondering why in the world do I have a picture of Reba McIntyre on this page.
We all need someone in our lives who inspires us, someone to admire. A person who sparks your flame and ignites your innovation.

Well, most of my adult life, people have walked up to me and asked: “has anyone told you, you look like Reba McIntyre?” This happened enough to where I began to take notice of her and what she was all about. Her positivity and ingenuity intrigued and inspired me. And, today, when I look at Reba, it is a reminder of what I can accomplish, what I can be if I set my mind to it and work hard.

So…who inspires you?

A little bit about me

First and foremost I am a believer in Christ Jesus who has ascended into Heaven sitting at the right of our Father and left the Holy Spirit to live in me and be my guide each waking moment, and what He did for me at the cross, His Grace and Mercy!

I am a wife to my husband, Lawrence, the Worship Leader at ‘New Day’ Church in Brandon, and a Marine Tampa Bay Harbor Tug Boat Captain in his day job.

I am a mother to my daughter, Kayla-Maree`, a beautiful and motivated girl who adores drama, music, gymnastics, quality family time, and excelling academically. She inspires me every day.

What inspires me?

I want to be in the center of God’s will and purpose for my life at all times! To get up each day and to be an inspiration where ever I can go by making a lasting impact on someone, whether it’s with a kind word or doing something small and simple for someone that God places in my path. Making sure my family is happy by guiding them spiritually and helping with their needs and for the extras in life.

I am about family, loving people right where they are and making our home an inspired, peaceful sanctuary. I love everything about family, building relationships, homes, hospitality, music and entertaining. I enjoy decorating, gardening, eating gourmet fine foods and sipping on great wines, traveling and taking road trips, and anything outdoors.

I was absolutely inspired, intrigued and in awe by my first visit to the ‘Biltmore® Estate’ in 1993. Prior to my first visit to the Biltmore® Estate, I also was blessed to have traveled to the Blue Ridge Mountains in 1981 and was completely blown away by God’s awe-inspiring and breathless His creation of nature and the mountains really are!

And, finally…

I am inspired by helping people, just like you, turn their own home into a sanctuary, and I look forward to meeting you and seeing how we can work together to achieve your goals.

As you visit Inspiring New Beginnings at Home, over and over again, my prayer is that your heart will be full of warmth, happiness and it will bring out the best in you!
My prayer & goal is to help you shine and LOVE your inspired surroundings

Be inspired, so that you may inspire.
Be blessed, so that you may be a blessing.
Be embraced, so that you may be a friend.
Be passionate…or don’t do it at all.

And always let your light shine for all the world to see?