One Day Home Makeovers….Made Affordable for You

    Whether you’re on a fixed and tight budget or deadline, our One Day Home Makeovers will be sure to get you on the right path.
    Expensive and elaborate interior designs aren’t for everyone. For many, there is no time or energy to take on such a transforming task. For others, there’s the issue of a tight budget. For us at Inspiring New Beginnings at Home we know that change(s) are inevitable, but doesn’t have to be drastic, and it shouldn’t be disruptive.
    We can help you re-create a new aesthetic beginnings for your inspired lifestyle in one day, by using the elements you already own to drastically alter your love, feel and space you live in. Once you see the transformation you may want us to help you complete the look and shop, pick up your inspired surrounding pieces by going shopping with us or you may ask us to shop for you and spruce up and revitalize a bedroom for a romantic upcoming event. Please check out our personal shopping service for more details.

    First, we’ll visit your home or office to access prior to our one day makeover day. This will allow us to evaluate where items need to be placed and any suggestions that may need addressing to evaluate the best use of space. On our day of re-arranging we begin by placing your larger pieces of furnishings to lay the foundation. Then we select any favorite art or decor pieces that will assist us in the design. Then if there are not enough pieces to finish we then go shopping to help further the design to what inspires you. Our one day home makeovers are strictly for you, your budget and peace of mind. Please do not be afraid or hesitate to contact us, for our prices are affordable for any budget. Your Home is Where Our Heart is and not your pocket book. We’re here to make your ordinary room you’re extraordinary room!

    The makeover takes approximately 4-6 hours to turn an ordinary room into extraordinary! The dramatic results will astound you! You will feel as if you are walking into an entirely new room and will be amazed by the fresh look your own furnishings have taken on. The transformation of an interior redesign will surely restore your inspired surrounding and give you a peace of mind knowing it didn’t wipe out your bank account.

  • A complimentary ‘preview’ meeting with you before the makeover.
  • You get a worry-free day away from home as your home is being transformed.
  • Your space is completely redesigned using items you already own!
  • After a call letting you know the makeover is almost complete, you’ll come home to your ‘room reveal.’
  • And finally, if there are items I believe might further enhance your new makeover, I’ll provide a ‘wish list’ that you can use to purchase items as you desire!