Eastern Accents is a large company full of products from A-Z and here at Inspiring New Beginnings At Home we are able to offer you each and every Eastern Accent piece! If you do not see your Eastern Accent Collection on our site, please go to Eastern Accents website and pick the one you can’t live without and then email us your selection for your special pricing.  All collections we have listed are Eastern Accents Quick Ship Collections for your convenience.  Give your bedroom a makeover, your living room a little extra pizazz with some new curtains or furniture, or just add some accessories to complete your already beautiful room. No matter what you choose you can rest assured knowing that you saved yourself a bundle by shopping on Inspiring New Beginnings At Home! What more could you ask for?

C’mon…let’s go take a peek and start browsing through their fabulous products!

Whatever your collection or size you need please email me for your specific collection and size.