The way you live in your home and the way you sell it are not the same thing….

Realty Times states: “Most people do not like to buy homes that appear to be someone else’s. Houses that sell the quickest and for the highest prices are those that do not look as though they belong to someone else, instead they are complete opposite, almost to look like a store display.” Creating the exact opposite of interior designing.

Of course, location, list price, condition, and square footage are all key factors to deciding on a home. However, we know that while logic will bring the buyers to the door, staging will bring the offers to the table.

Why? Because good staging prepares AND merchandises your property. With the most attractive curb appeal you have about an 8 second first impression window to get the buyer to either decide if they should go in or not.

You can turn on HGTV day or night and learn that cleaning, DE-cluttering, repairing & updating a house is key in the preparation of property. At Inspiring New Beginnings Home Staging we are well versed in the preparation of the home and happy to advise and assist you as to what aspects of that preparation will get you the best return on investment.

We will take it a step further by creating a custom staging design for each property, based upon your budget – no job is too small or too large. Our home staging designs showcase the architecture, unique selling points, as well as the desirable details. Utilizing as much or as little of my own inventory as necessary and actually create the emotion of desire in the buyers as they walk through the house.

Staging isn’t just about making a house pretty – it’s about making the house sell quickly…and for top dollar.

Two Vital Home Staging Steps

Some houses stay on the market just a few weeks, even a few days. Others linger for months. Some sit, lonely and empty, for years.

Why don’t these homes sell? More importantly, why do other similar properties fly off the market quickly, and for higher prices?

Real estate market history has proven time and again that homes which are marketed well and that “show” well often sell very quickly and, many times, for more than the asking price.

How do these homes sell so quickly?

Price, location and market supply all impact home sales, but these factors are consistent for all homes in a given area. What makes some homes stand out and sell quickly while others languish for months, even years?

It all comes down to presentation…and presentation has two vital parts; curb appeal and interior staging.

Curb Appeal

Home staging begins long before the prospective buyer walks in the front door. The collective look and feel of a home from the street is called “curb appeal.” This is a vital factor because, as they are pulling up to the curb, your prospective buyer is picturing him or herself pulling into that driveway after a long day at work. Will it feel like coming home? Can they picture their kids playing in that yard or what the home would look like decorated for their favorite holiday.

Home Staging – Creates a Show Ready Home….

First, you do not get a second chance to set the stage getting your home show ready for the buyer for maximum appeal or they will drive away never to step foot in your home. With home sales down, and competing with new home sales and incentives selling your home is no longer as easy as it was. Home staging is what will set your home apart from your competition in the sea of listings, by turning your home back into a house. But, home staging is much more than beautiful decor – it’s marketing and presentation, hands down! Creating a positive first impression and wow buyers by showing off the very best features of your property, while removing the distractions of all the non-essential “stuff” that most of us accumulate over time.

Think of home staging as a job interview bringing out your best features and benefits to why would they hire you and keep you long term, by not bringing with you your family heirlooms and belongings. The same goes when you are selling your house, you must bring out the best of your home so, they can visualize living in their potential new home for many years to come.

Benefits of staging your home are:
* Faster turnaround time. The property will showcase better and therefore sell faster.
* Shorter presentation period. A well staged home doesn’t take as long to show, since there is less of your personal items for buyer to look at.
* Higher sales price. Greater interest generates more offers, which leads to a higher final sales price.
* Distinct marketing advantage. Real estate professionals will be more likely to show a home that has been staged.
* Better inspections. Inspectors will view the home as being better cared for, therefore they will be less likely to nitpick and look for every minor flaw.
* Higher appraisals. Professional appraisers will view the home as being more valuable if it shows better.
* Quality sales aides. A better looking property will generate better looking fliers, and marketing materials.
* More referrals. The professionals mentioned above will be more likely to spread the word about a property staged home.

Final thought…

Most homes are not sold based on the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. Ask any real estate agent worth their salt and they will tell you, most people buy what “feels” right and like home to them. And the feeling must start at the curb and continue throughout the entire property.

Thank you for taking your time out to read about home staging & why you should consider home staging your home! We look forward in helping & serving you & the greater Brandon Tampa Bay Florida areas for all your home staging needs, home design styling & DEEPLY discounted prices on BRAND name luxury high-end home decor & furnishings.